Invited Speakers


  • Mikhail Osipov University of Strathclyde (UK)
    Molecular theory of liquid crystal ordering in rod-coil diblock copolymers
  • Slobodan Žumer University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    Topological soft matter: from confined and colloidal nematics to blue phases


  • Frank Gießelmann Universität Stuttgart (Germany)
    New aspects of chirality in lyotropic liquid crystals
  • Ewa Górecka University of Warsaw (Poland)
    Multi-level chirality in liquid crystals formed by achiral molecules
  • Małgosia Kaczmarek University of Southampton (UK)
    Smart, hybrid liquid crystal devices
  • Kristiaan Neyts Ghent University (Belgium)
    Liquid Crystal TV and OLED TV: issues and opportunities
  • Lech Longa Jagiellonian University (Poland)
    Nematic twist-bend and related nematic structures: from simulations to mesoscopic models


  • Riccardo Barberi Universitàdella Calabria (Italy) (CANCELED)
  • Vladimir Bezborodov Belarusian State Tecnological Uniersity (Belarus) (CANCELED)
  • Oleksandr Buchnev University of Southampton (UK)
    Controlling Nanoscale Motion and Deformations in Nano-Electro-Mechanical Systems with Nematic Liquid Crystals
  • Timothy Bunning Air Force Research Laboratory (USA)
    LC/Polymer Thin Films with Novel Optical Properties
  • Vladimir Chigrinov Foshan University (China) (CANCELED)
  • Ingo Dierking University of Manchester (UK)
    Effects of particles in liquid crystal defects and defect phases
  • Alexander Emelyanenko Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia)
    Molecular Mechanisms Responsible for the Smectic Layer Formation, Elasticity and Nonuniformity of the Order Parameters
  • Dean Evans Air Force Research Laboratory (USA)
    Ferroelectric nanoparticles: how they work and their role in liquid crystal applications
  • Araoka Fumito RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science (Japan)
    Electrically-Controllable Dynamic Solitons in Nematics
  • Zbigniew Galewski University of Wroclaw (Poland)
    Chiral mesogenic phases of azobenzene derivatives
  • Tigran Galstian Laval University (Canada)
    Liquid crystals in biology
  • Anatoliy Glushchenko University of Colorado (USA)
    Liquid Crystals / Polymer Composites for Fast Electro-Optical Response
  • Maria Godinho New University of Lisbon (Portugal)
    Twist-bend Cellulose-based Ribbons
  • Antal Jakli Kent State University (USA)
    Low voltage driven large bending of ionic liquid crystal elastomers
  • Mirosław A. Karpierz, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
    Vortex beam propagation in nonlocal nonlinear soft matter
  • Michal Kohout University of Chemistry and Technology (Czech Republic)
    Chirality matters: The effect of enantiomeric impurities on physical properties of chiral liquid crystals
  • Peter Kopcansky Slovak Academy of Sciences (Slovak Republic)
    Ferronematics- liquid crystal based sensors of magnetic field
  • Samo Krajl University of Maribor (Slovenia)
    Topological defects in nematic liquid crystals: playground of fundamental physics
  • Wei Lee National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan)
    Color tuning in a cholesteric soft superstructure by means of pseudo-dielectric relaxation
  • Matthias Lehmann University of Würzburg (Germany)
    Intrinsic Void as a Design Tool for Complex Liquid Crystals
  • Andrzej Miniewicz Wroclaw University of Science and Technology (Poland)
    Complex refractive index and order parameter study in phototropic azobenzene-based single component liquid crystals
  • Antonio M. F. Neto University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
    Experimental Conditions for the Stabilization of the Lyotropic Biaxial Nematic Mesophase
  • Vladimira NovotnaThe Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)
    Lactic acid derivatives: unusual mesomorphic behavior and nanotube formation in the crystalline phase
  • Jose Manuel Oton Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (Spain)
    Liquid crystal spiral diffractionlenses
  • Paweł Perkowski Military University of Technology (Poland)
    Dielectric spectroscopy of condensed matter. How to overcome the parasitic effects?
  • Paweł Pierański Université Paris-Sud (France)
    Story of Liquid Crystals in Poland
  • Victor Reshetnyak Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine)
    Using cholesteric liquid crystals to tune Tamm plasmons
  • Blanca Ros University of Zaragoza (Spain)
    TEG-decorated bent-core molecules: Liquid crystalline and further supramolecular possibilities
  • Giusy Scalia, University of Luxemburg (Luxemburg)
    Alignment and functionalities of liquid crystals with carbon nanotubes
  • Jose Luis Serrano University of Zaragoza (Spain)
    Semiconductor and luminescent materials based on supramolecular liquid crystal organizations
  • Marzena Tykarska Military University of Technology (Poland)
    Helical structure of liquid crystalline SmC*A phase tested by spectroscopic methods
  • Piotr Wasylczyk University of Warsaw (Poland)
    Small scale, light-driven robots with liquid crystal elastomer muscles: caterpillars, snails and what's next.
  • Tomasz Woliński Warsaw University of Technology (Poland)
    Liquid crystals infiltrated photonic crystal fibers doped with metallic nanoparticles for enhanced electric field tunability
  • Nataša Vaupotič University of Maribor (Slovenia)
    Complex helicoidal structure of layered phases made of achiral molecules
  • Slobodan Žumer University of Ljubljana (Slovenia)
    Half-skyrmion lattices in blue phases confined to thin layers by uniform and patterned surfaces